March 20, 2009

Post 272

It was such a nice day that we went out back with Zach and did a couple of Science experiments. He got smoke with the magnifying glass and leaf in a couple of seconds. I thought it would take him longer but it was a big magnifier. It was fun to watch the vinegar and baking soda foam.
Hope your knee is doing good and you are back on your feet soon.
Everything is from DDE except the frames and they are from Nancy Comelab.
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  1. Aww...I can't believe Zack is this grown up. He looks like a young boy now instead of a little boy. Our grands are growing way too fast. I like this layout....nice and colorful and you know how I like color. Zack is adorable.

  2. Thanks glad you like it.
    I liked the colors too.



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