March 16, 2009

Post 270

Have to keep my hands busy so I won't eat.
Used an overlay from Scrap Orchard.The fastener and ribbon is from Shabby Princess. Her new free kit Happy Go Lucky.
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  1. Hotpads! You can knit anything, can't you? I love these stamp frames. I was hoping to get this computer set up today and then have some layouts done up before the end of the week. Now I've got to work on the Dell instead. I guess I'm just relived that it isn't the hard drive cause I haven't backed up my pictures for quite a while. Great layout!

  2. I wish I could knit anything but this is crochet. My knitting is getting better but I need more practice. I can work on these hotpads without thinking about what I'm doing so that's good for watching TV. This stamp frame is one layer of the one I sent to you.



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