May 4, 2010


Don't these remind you of fiesta-ware dishes? I fell in love with this color combination and think I'll do a few pots up like them and add them to my privacy fence along with some colorful wall hangings. I've seen some colorful suns, flowers, bugs, etc. in magazines and like the look. Give my back yard some fun, colorful appeal.
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  1. Lovely....I can't say that fiesta-ware dishes was the first thing that came to mind but I like the color combo. Maybe a bowl of M&M...☺ Lobelia always adds just the right touch of contrast color.
    I haven't been out to the nurseries yet. Hate to buy anything before we go to Canaan, don't like asking someone else to take care of it.

    This is a lovely sharp image Mary....Nice job.

  2. Thanks for the kudos....that would be my 100mm macro lens that I used. It and the 50mm are my favorites. The G lens is sharp but too heavy to pack around...

    They had quite a few of these combination's made up and arranged around a cobalt blue sphere fountain. Just made me think of fiesta ware right off the bat.



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