May 22, 2010

Pink Peony

Got to go outside for awhile this afternoon before the rain ran me back in. Cleaned a little in the large flower bed under the tree but I have so much more to do I may never get it all done.
I know I had more work to do but had to take some time to snap a few pictures of this before the rain beats it down. Love the smell of this flower.

When I see an image with this Hazy look I always say to myself... WOW I like that.... but when I do it I'm never quit sure.
Same Image both ways.....What do you think?????

Large photo mats by Lanne from Shabby Miss Jenn.
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  1. I like the first one with the faded fact, I really like it. How did you do this? And I LOVE those wide frames. My darling son in law made me four black frames like this....only they fit an 8 x 10 frame in the middle. I bought the first one at a home deco store and then he copied it and made me three more. I haven't got them up yet...waiting on the kids to come this summer and get new photos of each of them to put in them. Then I'm going to hang them above the couch in the family room along with a metal star.
    I picked a dark pink peony last Wed. evening and brought it home with me. It was just starting to open up and was looking pretty sickly by the time I got it home and in some water. rewarded me within an hour of the fresh water bath...smell was awesome! I just threw it away today....was done and I picked some of my white ones but the smell wasn't as intense. I tried getting a shot of them but it wasn't very good. I'm going to give it another try tomorrow.



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