May 26, 2010

Missouri Iris

Finally caught a mild, windy day. Luckily, the rain hadn't knock all of them down. It's been so windy around here lately, I can't capture any of the flowers in their prime.
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  1. Lovely.
    Got home a couple of hours ago.
    I have to ask...What makes this a Missouri Iris?
    Just because it's growing in Missouri or is it different than one I would get around here.

  2. LOL.....nope, yours would be a Virginia Iris! I just didn't want to say Purple called it a Missouri Iris. Glad you got back home safe and sound. Gavin has been here since Tues. so haven't been on much. I try and get as much done in the mornings before he gets up. He likes his granny time!

  3. No not a Virginia Iris.....Maybe a West Virginia Iris if I had any but I don't. Brent has one in his pond but it's a much smaller plant.



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