May 21, 2010

Images from Canaan Valley

Seneca Rocks - This image doesn't show just how really amazing these are, they truly are quit a sight. Should have tried to get one from the side to show how narrow they are.
I can't believe people really climb them...Wish I could still do something like that.

This is an Early Settlers Home on display in the Seneca Rock park . I doubt they were really this nice,but maybe. Wish you could see the rain barrel better beside the front porch. Wouldn't that be nice to wash your hair in. Would make it nice and soft.

An Herb garden in front of the house.

I have never grown beans this way. Guess they need to be pole beans to grow up a pole....LOL We always plant bush beans and I can't wait to pick, cook and eat some. I'm so looking forward to all the good things from the garden.

I'll bet this has seen plenty of work.

Finally found time today to get the laptop out to transfer these pictures to this computer so I could work on them and get them ready to post.

We've had so much rain in the last week that I don't think we will need any more this summer.

I know that's not true..... We'll probably need some next week but I'm ready for some sun.

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  1. These are some really nice shots, Nita..I'm ready for some sunshine too. It's shining today and I'm off here to go trim up shrubs and bushes. I've still got no flowers planted other than my planter box and its not finished.
    I'm also ready for some good homegrown produce. My mom switched to pole beans when she got too old to knee down. I don't care for them...just have a different texture than bush beans and not one I liked.



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