May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

Hope you are having a good Memorial Day! We are going to my brother's later for a family cook out.
This flower basket reminds me a little of the beautiful one that you posted but it's not as big and no blue Lobelia but that's ok I like it fine. I always forget my plan of sticking to one color theme (different shades of Pink) and start buying anything that catches my eye.
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  1. Beautiful! I love that color combo too. I just could not get into flower choices this year. I didn't pot but about half what I normally do. I just couldn't get myself into it this year. Seems like all I got done over the past 2 weeks was clean out beds and by the time I got them all done, the damn Maple helicopters started falling and now all those clean beds have maple and elm trees growing up in them by the thousands! I noticed that all our green houses and stores are still pretty stocked with flowers, so others must have thought like me...

    I mowed yard, washed clothes, finished potting one more pot and went to the grocery store. Bill worked today so it was just another day at the Axtell's, nothing special. I'm going to grill steaks and potatoes for supper but right now, I'm trying to get rid of a danged ole headache I developed while mowing.

    Lovely image, Nita!

  2. Thanks.
    It's been a little busy around here too.



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