June 3, 2010

Signs of Summer

I'm taking a template class by Tiffany Tillman at Renee Pearson's.
Took the day off today from cleaning and played around some with one of the templates and came up with this.
My basement is about ¼ of the way cleaned and reorganized but I needed a day to rest. Made a Texas Sheet Cake for Neal earlier today and then just did what I wanted to do. Back at it tomorrow.
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  1. Cool....I like! I will be so glad when I can take a break from housework instead of UPS work. I don't think the next year and a half will ever be here! It's been so long since I gave the house a 'though' cleaning. The basement? I just close my eyes when I have to go down there. LOL

    Love that image and the template.

  2. Thanka glad you like.
    I'm going through everything I have stored in the basement so it may take me a year and half to get it all done.

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