June 28, 2010


Peaches are my favorite summer fruit, had to have some when I saw them at the market yesterday. Of course I had to get watermelon and cantaloupe too. Had all three sliced and tossed together for dinner last night along with broccoli & squash from the garden....YUM!
The heat is so much better today after the storm last night.
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  1. This is simply stunning, Nita! Lovely photo and I really like the way you added the recipe. Is this a brush that you made? It looks so handwritten...like an old recipe from days gone by. Love it all!

  2. Forgot....the meal sounds yummy! I've got to find a farmers market to pick up some fresh vegs and fruit. Maybe I'll plant a garden when I retire....cooler weather is coming your way. We had a wonderful day yesterday and cooler one on tap today...below 85 and low humidity! Yippee...

  3. Thanks....No it's not a brush. I did a copy & paste from a word doc and used Jane Austen font.
    Then used a mask to make it look like it's behind the basket.
    I have always loved this time of year just for the fresh food. I can't wait for our tomatoes to get ripe. Nothing better than a tomato straight from the garden still warm from the sun.
    We have a neighbor that walks over to our garden with salt shaker in hand and eats a few.

  4. Well, brush or not, its still beautiful...I found some peaches today at a little farm store in Eagleville. Ate one before I even got home. I'm thinking of making a cobbler with the rest of them. They are pretty ripe, so need to do something with them pretty quick. Bill doesn't like to eat peaches raw but loves them in baked goods. Me..I can eat them any which way!

  5. How about sending a e-mail message so I can get you address. I had a A#1 crash and lost everything and I can't remember your address.



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