June 9, 2010

Some snaps after the Rain

It was still a little windy but I took a few snaps anyway. Have always loved the deep green color that you get after a good rain.
The pink & yellow of this Lantana is so pretty together also have a Sweet Potato vine and blue & white Bacopa planted in the pot.

Don't have many Herbs still planted but this just keeps coming up every year. I do need to take it out and plant something that will shade the roots of the Clematis better. Maybe next year.

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  1. That is pretty Lantana....I've not grown it for a few years, need to look into for next year. I didn't plant even close to as many flowers this year as I usually do. Just too tired to keep them all watered. Decided to take a year off. I've got my three hanging pots on the front porch, my yellow plant on the table and a pot of Lobelia and Diamond frost by the bench. Then I planted black eyed Susan's in the planter box with dark red Gerbera daisies and more diamond frost. Then just my fireplace wire baskets and my little garden cart. A couple ferns and a pot of white Impatiens on the back porch and that is it. I usually have double that many!
    I love that clay pot you have the fern in. I really need to invest in a few better pots. I tell myself to just buy one or two a year till I get a good group of them but I just hate to fork over the 40 to 50 bucks for them.

    Both of your images are wonderful....I like the Lantana one the best but both are good. I like the saturated colors of post rains too! Especially when the sky is still cloudy with just a touch of sunshine peeking through.

  2. That clay pot is the top to the old Chiminea that got broken when a storm brought a tree down across the patio. Instead of throwing it in the trash I sat it in the flower bed and just stick a pot in it.
    I'm on the look out for some urn type pots maybe if I find some that aren't clay I might be able to afford them.



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