June 19, 2010

Snap around the yard

A quick snap from the yard today. It's to hot to stay out there for very long.
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  1. Awwww...that is one great capture! I'm too slow and too noisy to catch them or so it seems. I made it as far as St. Joseph....stop at Hardee's to get a sandwich and sat there, in the dark, for over an hour while a huge thunderstorm went through. Then it rained for the next 2 hours. Weston (where the garden tour was being held) is another 30 minutes south of St. Joseph and the radio said they were getting worse weather then St. Joe, so I backed out of going. Did a little shopping and came home. Stopped by the Amish greenhouse and bought a few more flowers. Going to put some pot hangers on the privacy fence and hang some pretty blooms. I was disappointed about the garden tour but there is always next year. Didn't take a single photo...would have taken some of the storm, had the camera been with me and not out in the truck. Wasn't going outside for anything!!!

  2. Thanks. It's not easy to get one. Every time I'm ready to snap they fly and I have to start all over.
    Sorry the rain ruined your day but any time you get to buy flowers is good.
    Going to Vickie's today to help pack her moving truck.

  3. You certainly picked the right minute to venture to the yard. Great capture.



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