June 24, 2010

Baseball 2010

This is where I've been for the past couple of nights. They lost their very last game of the season 12 to 14. It has been super hot and humid all week and how they played is beyond me. I was sweating up a storm and I was just sitting in the bleachers. Gavin would be soaked by the time he got done popping up and down in this position. He gave it his all! I can't believe he's grown up this much and this fast!
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  1. Great memory capture.
    Sorry they lost the game "That's a Bummer".
    He looks so cute and you can tell his all in that game.

  2. He looks so little in all that gear! I guess we aren't done yet...he was selected for the All Star Team and they will play two games in Eagleville with the 3 North region teams to determine their pool standing...whatever that means! LOL...and then they will go to Concordia for the Minor League All Star tournament. I will probably only get to see one of the tournament games. I'll see the one on Sat. and then the rest of them will be played during the week unless they win on Sat. and then they will play on Sunday and I will get to see that one. I sure hope the weather cools down a bit!



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