August 13, 2010

Hitching Post

Brent & I went to a street fair in Marietta a couple of weeks ago and I snap this shot. Used Pioneer Woman soft & faded action on it to give it the aged look.
As soon as the weather cools down some (and I get my work all done) I want to go back and snap a few more images. There's a old time soda fountain that I want to take the Grands to.
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  1. I like! I believe I have an image kind of like this, just need to see if I can find it in this mess of photos. I'm thinking I took it when I was taking the alphabet photos. I like the effect you got with the action.
    I sure hope you take the camera with you, I'd love to see the old time soda fountain. We were just talking about this at the beauty shop this am. I told them I used to skip lunch at school...(saved the lunch money my mom gave me)and would stop at the drugstore on my way home. It had a old time soda fountain and I'd get a cherry coke and penny to love them!

  2. Yes I remember your image and your right it's with your alphabet photos.
    I need to get your cd out and check your B's.
    I would like to do a "Bath" to hang in my newly painted bathroom but I don't like my B hope you have a better one.

  3. I'm thinking you need to come to could probably tell me where all my images are...LOL.....I wish I had your memory! I was looking at my 'inspiration' folder and some of it I couldn't remember saving, let alone 'why' I saved it! LOL....I guess my taste has changed over the years.



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