August 3, 2010

Nectarine & Cream Cobbler

Made this today for our after dinner dessert. Saw the recipe on Tasty Kitchen at The Pioneer Woman's site and just wanted to give it a try. I have never cooked Nectarine's before but I will be making this again.....Yum..... I'm not telling how much butter is in

Wish you lived closer so I could share some of our tomatoes, cucumbers & squash with you. We have tons in our small garden. Had to put tomatoes in the freezer today and they will be so good this winter in soups & sauces.

Hope you are having fun with your Grands!
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  1. Whew.....I'm beat! The last grand went home last night and I miss them all but definitely ready for some 'me' time. I need to be cleaning house right now but just too tired. Going to work on my checkbook instead...see if I have any money left over...LOL...
    This looks very good...I'll have to give it a try. Love that bright green make it?

  2. You didn't say but I guess you had a good time with your Grands. With Vickie's move this summer the twins haven't been here much. Zach is here a lot but that's not the same as have all of them for days. I know how it can wear you down. You have a few days to rest before going back to work. But you won't....LOL
    This cobbler was delicious. A neighbor gave me some fresh peaches Sat. and I made my peach crisp on Sunday. I think I like it the best.
    This shot was a little over sharpened but things happen and it looked of until I posted and I didn't want to do over. Yes I made the hot pad.(Love the bright green) I try to work on something if I watch any TV in the evening. Have to keep those hands busy.

  3. Yes, I had a wonderful time with the grands...just wore me out. Jack is a talking adult at 3....he had me laughing every second with his words and antics. I told him I loved him when he was heading out the door to get in the car to go home....he told me he loved me back..I told him again once he was in the car seat and he informed me that he had already told me that in the house...LOL....
    You know me too well.....I did rest most of today. Swept floors, vacuumed carpet and cleaned up the footprints on the bathroom carpet. Watered and fertilized plants and then came in a caught up my check book and paid bills. The rest of the day has been spent surfing and resting. Tomorrow, I've got plenty I need to get done but its going to be 100 outside so it will have to be inside work. I need to shampoo all the carpets and clean out closets. No rest for the wicked!
    Don't laugh....but I've never even bought nectarines....not sure I've even eaten them but I'll give this recipe a try. I do like peach crisp! Amanda made 2 batches of brownies...she loves to cook with grandma but with the little 3 year old, grandma didn't have as much time.



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