August 29, 2010

Live Forever Blue

I'm a bit confused...I can't figure out anyway to change the size of the image now. I like the old way better.  

I finally got my blue birdbath.  Still don't have it where I want it cause I don't have the garden bed done yet.  But, it was marked down to half price and I can't refuse a bargain.  LOL...

The Live Forever is just beginning its transition to pink.  You can barely see it on the tips.  The bunch I have down on the corner, under the shade of a big Maple tree, is already fully pink. I might get out and get a shot of it this afternoon.  

Bill and I are being lazy this weekend.  We aren't even going to mow the lawn because its so burned up.  I'm not mowing till it rains again. 

I met Brenda for lunch yesterday and we spent the afternoon visiting. It was nice to have a day of relaxation instead of working all the time.  

Whew...finally figured it out!  LOL...was not clicking on the image right to get the size choices to show up. Just goes to show that its best to read directions first...LOL

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