October 27, 2010

Colors of Fall

These are the colors of fall, to me.  I think red is the first color I think of when I'm thinking of fall because I love seeing the trees turn to their bright red color.  Our leaves weren't too colorful this year...only lasted a couple of days and then they got blown off yesterday.  

I hope your computer gets fixed soon!

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  1. Nice image. I have to agree they are the colors of fall. We did see some color on our trip home but didn't see much of the red or the bright orange color. Just didn't have the look of the hills being on fire.

    Where do you use these colors?

    I don't think I'll get it back until next week.

  2. I don't have these colors anywhere...just happened to spot them in Wal-mart and was needing some new wash cloths and I liked the color combination.

    Our Fall wasn't pretty at all....just too dry and windy.



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