October 9, 2010

My Beautiful Dahlia's

Just wanting to share my beautiful Dahlia's.  These didn't do real well this summer during the heat and humidity but since it has cooled down, they are putting on quite the show.  I lost 2 out of the 8 plants due to rot.  These started out only about 6 inches tall and now they are a good 2 feet tall and around.  They are loaded with blooms.  As you can see, my mums aren't blooming yet. 

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  1. Nice captures. Your Dahlia's are lovely. Nice and healthy looking.
    I have never grown any.

  2. Thank you...I don't usually grown Dahlia's either because they are so prone to rot and I have a tendency to over-water things. But, I was at Wal-Mart when they were unloading these off the truck last Spring and just could not resist them. I planted 8 around my tree and then put 3 in a window box. The window box hasn't done so good....ok, just not spectacular...because they grow too tall for it. I hope I can save the tubular through this winter.

    I'd better get in the shower...game is at 1:00 and its a 2 hour drive. There goes my Saturday.....

  3. Next weeks color is your choice as long as it says fall.

  4. Ok, that sounds fantastic. I might be a bit late getting mine posted this week as we will be gone from Friday till late Sunday but I'll get it. You always decorate so wonderfully for fall, so I'm anxious to see what you post.

    I'm so happy! It's raining today! It hasn't rained since I planted grass seed almost 2 weeks ago and my sprinklers were getting tired. I've got grass up about 1/2 inch and it will really grow with this 'natural' watering. Yippee! My lawn will be back to beautiful by next Spring.

  5. Sorry to disappoint you but I haven't done much fall decorating this year. We also leaving Friday for a week at the beach.
    Talk when I get back.

  6. Have a great time and bring back some cool images! Rest, relax and rewind!

  7. We got home yesterday around 7:00. Nice trip but so glad to be home. I have a big problem....my pc won't start again so back to the shop it has to go. I hate using this laptop!
    Didn't take many pictures and don't have anything to work on them with on here so don't know when I will get to post anything. See you haven't had any spare time to post either.
    Send me a message so I can have you e-mail.



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