October 2, 2010

No Purple

I admire Pat's images Here so much that I wanted to see what I could do.

Mine don't compare to hers but I had fun playing around and with some practice I might get better.
This is a table in the sun room that we never use. I couldn't stand to have the table in the kitchen set all the time. We use it to much. This is the only one I can do because I don't have that many different dishes.

Hope you have enjoyed your vacation and didn't work to hard.
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  1. Your images are just as beautiful as Pat's...no butts about it! I love the fall colors that you have used and love those square plates. Just wish you would upload a bit larger sizes so I could see them better. Even when I click on them and open them in a new window, they are the same small size.

    I've enjoyed the time off but I did work my butt off all week. The front yard is crab free and re-seeded. I am pouring the water to it now cause the rains have quit and its getting late in the growing season. I'm hoping to have to mow it at least twice before winter sets in. We will see.

    Still working on my purple image. Hope to have it up by evening.

    I wish I had a table I could set up but I don't think my cleaning lady would like dusting it all the time...LOL.

  2. Oops...forgot to comment on the water color photo...looks great!

  3. My images are ok but my table settings don't compare to hers.



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