September 29, 2010

Purple Lunch

How's this for purple.
I was trying to think of something purple to snap and just happened to notice this jar of grape jelly in the frig last night. So I had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for lunch today.  Took two shots and wish I had moved the jelly a little to the left and snapped another but I ate the sandwich so I can't do a do over.
I used a texture from Florabella.
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  1. Well duh......never thought of jelly! I'm still on the lookout for purple...this is a hard color for me but I relish the challenge. I'll find something! about using a white piece of cardstock or typing paper to make a custom white balance for still shots and plan on giving it a try when I do find some purple. I've done this before with a gray card but never white.

    I dug crabgrass out of my yard ALL day yesterday....they are coming today to slice and overseed and I didn't want the crabgrass competing with the new grass. Need to move a little dirt this am to fill a few holes before they get here.

    Nice shot!

  2. That's how I have been doing my CWB for some time on my still shots.

    Thanks nothing special just a shot.



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