September 12, 2010

No image today..just something I want to get off my chest.  Darby came by yesterday afternoon and we spent the day out taking photos of her.  She loves to do it and never complains if it takes too long or if I'm too slow.  We took about 100 shots but I haven't had a chance to look at them yet.  Last night we went to the movies and watched Nanny McPhee Returns.  We enjoyed the movie and each other but got back out to the truck to a disappointing surprise.  I thought I'd hit the lock on my key throb but must have hit the wrong button and we were running late and I didn't do a double check to make sure.  My purse and her purse were in the truck...mine was same as empty cause all I had in it was my billfold, checkbook and phone and I had taken my billfold and phone in to the movie with me.  Darby, through....had a stash of stuff...her camera, mp3 player, Nintendo and about 15 games for it, her billfold (no money) and her makeup.  Some damn thief got in the truck and took both purses.  I'm sure they were extremely disappointed with mine but ecstatic with hers!!!  Mine didn't even have any checks in the checkbook...just the registry cause I use my check card 99% of the time.  I do miss my brand spanking new Mitsi purse. Have just had it a couple months and it had my favorite cover on it!  But, I'm totally sick about Darby's loss.  I'm going to call my insurance to see if any of it would be covered but if not, I plan on replacing all her things. We reported it to the police but I'm not holding my breath of anything being returned. 

What makes me so mad is that people do it in the first place!  Why can't all people be honest?  Why do they have to stoop to stealing instead of just making an honest living.  I didn't sleep but a few hours last night cause I was so mad!  If I ever find out who did it, they won't be safe to be around me!  I feel so sorry for Darby cause she saved her money to buy the camera and she bought the games herself too.  Just kicking myself in the butt for not double checking the locks!  Or, at the least, leaving her purse at home!

Just blowing off steam!

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