September 20, 2010

No Pink.....yet.

As I was coming in the back door the other day I noticed these cute little blue berries on my Lantana plant and thought they would make a nice snap. I'm still on the look out for Pink.....LOL

Have a good day.
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  1. Nice do have a wonderful eye. I'm still on the lookout for pink too....I can find lots of pink flowers but was hoping for something a little more unique.

  2. I'm up to lesson 4 on the blog design but NCIS is on now so that ends my listening to videos...LOL

  3. i scrolled down a bit on your page and your sense of color composition is wonderful. all of work feels so lush and vibrant.

  4. Thanks.
    I had better start looking at the lessons or you will know it all and I will still know nothing.

  5. LOL....I seriously doubt far all I've learned was how to post an image and do numbered list....true, most of it I already knew but it was good to learn how to post multiple images and captions and to do list, both of which I didn't know. I'm going to view another video this morning.

  6. I've watch all of them but did it give me any



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