September 19, 2010

Orange Sunday....finally!!

As soon as you posted our color to be orange, this is what I thought of....I used to drink it all the time as a kid....loved it!  It took me a while to find some of it in a bottle and even longer to photo the dang stuff...LOL....drank two bottles before I actually captured the foam after pouring.  It's still not what I had in my mind's eye but I'm running out of time and needed to get it posted and my weekend chores done. 

How about PINK for next weeks color challenge?
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  1. Great still life capture,Mary.
    I think I maybe had this a few times as a kid. I can remember it in a tub of ice at family get togethers but not if I drank it....LOL
    I like the idea of having a theme to shoot helps the old brain work.

    Pink it is.

  2. It's not lit as good as it should be but all I had was a flash light...LOL....I don't have anything big enough for background. I used some black foam board but had to keep the image tight so that it would stay with the background. Then I had to up the black to get it to solid and that kind of took away from the glass of the bottle and cup. It was cloudy when I shot this and not much light coming in from the window. I can't figure out why the glass is not was sitting on a flat table on a place mat and so was the bottle. The bottle is straight but the glass isn't...maybe a flaw in the glass....I don't know!

    Thanks for the kudos and glad I took you down memory lane.

    Pink....might be a little harder than orange but I'm sure we will come up with something.



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