September 23, 2010


One pink in the bunch

I didn't realize it but my house seems to be void of the color pink. I have looked and looked for something pink to snap and the only thing I could find was my bath scrubby and I didn't think you would be to interested in seeing that. I have plenty of pink flowers but I'm trying to get away from so many flower images. Anyway this will have to do for PINK.
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  1. This is a super neat it and it fits the theme perfectly. I have a shot taken but haven't got it worked up yet. Still trying to figure out how I want it to look. Also got a couple things in my mind but won't be able to do them until this weekend.

  2. Thanks. Looking forward to your shot.

  3. Forgot to ask last night...did you shoot this at a small aperture or did you do a mask in PS?

  4. 1.4 aperture no mask.
    Went to the Country living fair in Columbus,Oh yesterday and didn't have much fun at all. To hot,to crowded,to windy. Went straight to the shower and bed when I got home.



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