September 7, 2010

Sunny Blue

Here is my image of blue....this is my new yellow knock out rose and the new blue birdbath I bought.  I couldn't resist the rose as it was marked down to 4.00 and they are usually 20.00 around here.  I prefer the double knock outs but they don't make a double in yellow.  I've planted it along the fence and added the bird bath beside it.  I'm on my way to making my fiesta ware wall.  I'm going to paint my wagon orange and then I want to add some Adirondack chairs in red and yellow.   Then I'll plant my hanging planters with all those colors combined.  I can't wait till next Spring to get it all done!

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  1. Double single....doesn't matter to me just like the roses and I love the yellow. Can't see the birdbath but like the color.
    Did you tell me you trim the roses back in the spring??
    Awesome image. Nice and sharp.

  2. All that blue is the birdbath....LOL...I picked up this tiny vase (3 inches tall) and put the vase with the bud in the middle of the birdbath and took the shot. Couldn't come up with anything better for our color of blue...

    Yes, if you want to prune them a lot, you should do it in early Spring. I pruned mine way down (probably 6 inches or 8) so that they would stay about 3 feet for the season and they have done good. Next year, I'm going to get rose fertilizer and give them a boost. You can prune them during the season too but only minor pruning, such as to remove some of the dead blooms and such. I'm going to purchase some more to put along the fence.

    Thank you! I just kept looking at the yellow bud and the blue and thought the contrast would make a good image.

  3. BTW...if you are out shopping, I would like to have a couple of those jar vases...I'll pay you for them and shipping.

  4. I know the blue is the birdbath but that is all I can see (the color) not what the birdbath looks like. Thanks for the pruning tips.

    Frog jars.
    The small is 9 1/2" around 3 1/2" tall
    The large is 16" around 5 1/4" tall.
    Which size do you want?
    The small is the one I used for my knock out rose image.

  5. Small...that would be super nice of you. Let me know how much I owe you. I shot another picture of blue today....but didn't have my camera, so I used my cell phone and I can't figure out how to get the dang thing off the camera and on to the pc. Guess I'll have to take the real camera tomorrow and shoot it again...LOL



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