September 26, 2010

LOL....talked myself into shooting them again!

Photography is making me fat!

Ok...I just wasn't real happy with the first shoot so I set it up again.  This time I took one of my patterned platters and turned it upside down so only white showed and removed some of the cupcakes and focused more on the front cake.  Placed them closed to my background so the circles showed up better.  I do believe I like this much, much better.

I'm going to figure out how to connect my camera to my laptop so that I can view my images on the big screen.  Maybe then I won't have to take so many shots and not be happy once I see them full screen.  Now, to figure out how to do that!

This is it for me for pink...I need to get outside and get to work.

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  1. I like this one much better too and you did do a few things that I suggested in my comment on your last post without even knowing what I was going to say.....See you don't need any help and you sure don't need mine.

  2. Trust me...I need your advice!

    I think I get in too big of a hurry to shoot a shot and don't give it the needed thought it deserves. Like this shot...I set it up, shot it and didn't give it any more thought until I posted it and didn't like what I, I decided to set it up again. One other thing I want to find is a stand that will hold my background paper. Since I shoot in front of a window, I don't really have anything good looking behind the image except walls and furniture. I'll have to find something.

    Thanks for the kudos...still thinking about purple. This will be a hard one for me cause I have no purple in the house except for flowers. And, since I'm off work this week, I won't be able to spy anything on my route.

    Off to the eye doctor.



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