September 14, 2010

A little Orange

This image isn't even in the same ball park as your adorable Darby but it's orange.

Have you looked at any of the class material yet???
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  1. I would never have thought that they would have a sign painted orange for Orange st. What a neat idea! I've been thinking of orange all week and have come up with a few ideas but haven't had a chance to attempt them yet. Hope to get some shots on Sat. morning before Gavin's ballgame. I do have one to post this am but it's not real original.

  2. Forgot to answer you question....all I've done so far is look at the first page of lessons. I was sick last night and didn't do anything but go to bed when I got home. I think I'm suffering from a horrible case of allergies with all the ragweed! Feel better this morning but hate to go outside...if I get sick again today, I'm going to call my doctor to see if I can get some meds for it.



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