September 19, 2010

Another...Orange Cosmos

Just another image of some orange.  I never really realized there was so much orange in this world until I started looking around for it this week.  I like this challenge we are doing...makes me more aware of colors and things that I've never noticed before.  I'm starting to get a real appreciation for all colors!
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  1. I like everyting about this shot.

    Love it taken from the back and the water drops.
    Love the black background and the compostion.

    Nice work.

  2. I was driving home from a Fall open house on Sat. morning before I headed north for the football game and noticed all these beautiful orange cosmos growing in the city garden. Just happened to have the camera in the car (had loaded it in case I was running late for the ballgame) and had time to snap some shots. It had just finished fact, it was still sprinkling a little bit, and this is one of the best shots I got. I have another one I'll work up and post later.

    The background was just there....I was surprised that it came out that dark of a green.

    Thanks for the praise...



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