September 14, 2010

Dear Sweet Darby

Some of my favorite shots of Darby.  I was more pleased with this shoot than I was 2 years ago.  I always think I'm not learning but this shoot proved that I AM learning....albeit, slowly, but learning.  I noticed more harsh light on her face and things that protrude from the back of her head.  I've still a long ways to go but I'm happy to realize that things are 'starting' to sink in. 
It was a great day and we had a blast.  She loved all the images!  We just need to start copying some poses and taking with us.  That was the hardest thing we had to do was think of great ways to pose her that looked natural.

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  1. Gorgoeus.....She sure have changed looks so grown up. Looks like you had a blast.
    The shots are all lovely. Great job.

  2. It is SOOOOO hard to believe she will be 13 next month. Seems like only yesterday she was laying on my family room floor in a pumpkin suit that was WAY too big for her. She has always been my first grandchild and always will....even she says so! I love her so much.
    She is a blast to photograph...just goes with whatever I want,unless it involves cobwebs...LOL...
    That hair is all natural...she just scrunches it up with gel..once in awhile her mom straightens it but I love it just like this.
    I'll post some more of her as I get them processed.



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