October 30, 2010

Witchy Halloween

Just thinking you might need some inspiration for the up coming holiday!  LOL....took this image in Branson at Silver Dollar City....loved the stripes and thought of the bad witch in the Wizard of Oz immediately!

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  1. Why would I need inspiration????
    This is an adorable image. Love it.
    Would love to have a pair of these.

    It's been a long week-end had to work a race for a friend Sat. morning and almost froze. It was cold at 7:00 my knees would hardly move by the time it was over. Then the kids all came here for trick or treating Sat. evening and stayed the night. They have all headed for home now and I may go take a nap.
    Hope I can get something posted next week by pc should be back Monday. It will be hard to top this shot. What is our color for next week?

  2. Just thinking you might need some inspiration for your costume....ROTFL....

    I only took one shot of these and wish I'd taken time to take some more but we were running late for the show we were going to. I thought they were so cute hanging outside the shop.

    We attended a Halloween party last weekend and then I spent all week making treats for Gavin's class...nothing fancy, just wrapped Hershey's bars in colored paper and then wrapped it with gauze that I had soaked in coffee. Added a cotton ball under the gauze for a nose and some wiggle eyes. Completely forgot to take any shots of them!

    How about mixing it up a bit...instead of color...lets find something 'round' or circular.

    Thanks for the kudos! I need to walk around the neighbor hood and get some neat fall shots.

  3. I don't need any inspiration I'm always in costume. Witchy Poo...
    I wanted to go to Marietta and take some shots last week but didn't make it.
    I'll be looking for something round.



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