October 3, 2010

A Sea of Purple

Well, as you can see, it wasn't hard for me to find purple this past Sat.  Gavin plays on the South Harrison football team and their colors are purple.  This is where I've been spending most of my Saturdays for the past month.  Plus, it is over an hour drive to them...in fact, this one was an hour and a half and next Sat. is almost 2 hours but it will be the last one of the season.  He loves playing but hates it when its cold and it was cold this last game. 

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  1. GO BULLDOGS!!!!!!

    Fantastic job of finding something purple to shoot. All great images and the way you have them layed out is perfect. Love that little bow and the Pebbles hair style. Is that your necklace? Gavin looks like his ready to go in and knock some heads.
    I've sat through many a cold football game. Vickie was in the band and a cheerleader and then Neal played football. The school that they went to was 7th through 12th grades so this lasted many year since Neal was 5 years behind Vick. I can remember the cold and wet.

    Thanks for sharing your images with me.

  2. I had a couple of ideas for purple but decided to share my day instead. I picked up some really cute little totes for the girls for Halloween and one of them is purple sequins. I'm going to put some treats in them. Haven't thought of anything for the boys yet and I'm sure Gavin is going to be calling for treats for his classmates and I haven't even thought of anything yet. Not sure I'll have any time to do them this year as his football takes up my Saturdays and we are going to Branson the weekend of the 15th.

    Unless Jerri Ann pays tuition to another school, my football cheering career will end in another 2 years. Eagleville (where Gavin goes to school) doesn't offer football. Gavin is playing on a city league and its only for 4th, 5th and 6th graders.

    I missed out on about all of Jerri Ann's sports. She played softball and basketball but her games were always early and I worked too late and even if I got off half way decent, it was an hour drive to her school from my work and they were always over by the time I could get there. I did see some of her tournament games on weekends but not many.

    I'm thankful for the great pay I've made over the years but missed out on so much of my family life.

    No, the necklace was on a little girl. I didn't know any of the girls, they were in the crowd, thus you can't see their faces. But, I captured the part of them I wanted for the color.

    Thanks for the kudos...you inspire me to take more images when you like what I submit.

  3. What's the color for this week?

  4. Oops...I knew I forgot that! How about yellow?



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