December 26, 2011

Blast from the Past

Just thought you'd like to see this ensemble again.  I was talking about the crafts I've made over the years to the gal that works at the station in Gilman where I begin my work day and it crossed my mind that the work force had changed there over the years.  I made this same ensemble a few years back for the gals that worked at the station at the time.  This is the same year, Bren and I sent the ensemble to you.  So...I decided to make it all up again.  Like to never found the file but finally did.  Made up 4 of these gifts and it reminded me of how much I miss all the crafting we use to do.  I contacted Brenda to make the cups but her inks had dried up so she had to email a gal that does the dye sub products.  She printed off the cup file and then sent it to Brenda and Brenda put it on the cups for me.  The gal must of had a different profile on her printer or different ink cause the new cups were a brighter blue than the original ones were.  I like the blue of the original better but the girls loved them all and could not believe they were all handmade.  This was one of my favorite ensembles that I printed up and I was super glad you shared the file with me.  Notice your snowfriend  notepad too! 

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  1. Looks very familiar I'm looking at it right now.
    For some reason Brent has started using that cup for his coffee. I told him if it gets broken he's in trouble.
    Your gifts looks good and I'm sure the girls loved them.
    I need to make more of those notepads.

  2. I use my cup all the time....its sitting by my chair right now. I used to think I could just have Brenda make me another one but that was before I found out she was trying to sale her equipment cause she didn't do it enough and her inks were all dried up. I did not like the cups she made for me from the gal that sent the file...just did not like that bright blue color. Love the muted blue better. In the above picture, all the items look like different colors of blue but they matched perfectly...I think the difference in shades was from the laminate on the bag and the way the light was reflecting off it. Even the box looks a little pale compared to the cup. It wasn't until I got more serious about photography that I realized how the light changes the colors differently. This is an excellent example of how our eyes see so much differently then the camera does. On the table, the blue color of the bag, box and cup ALL matched but in this image, the blues are all different. Very interesting!

    Yes, the girls loved them and could not believe that I made them all. People that print from a computer still can't believe that you can print a bag and glue it together...LOL

    Yes, you do need to make more notepads....It's one of my favorite things to make.



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