December 27, 2011

Christmas card 2011

This is my take on this card  darleenstamps.  I used the Cricut to cut the snowflake and top panel for my this cause then all my panels were cut exactly alike and fit my base card perfectly. Downloaded some Silent Night sheet music and printed off on some parchment paper that I've had forever and then made scallops in Sure Cuts A Lot and with trial and error, got the scallops to cut on the Cricut over the placement of the wording of the song and still leave a bit of musical notes.  That was the hardest part of the card...For the Merry Christmas, I printed it out on the full 8 1/2 x 11 inch Kraft paper in two places.  I printed it on plain paper first, then lined it up the Kraft paper that I would be cutting later until it was in the right position.  This was easier than I'm typing ...LOL...Once all my wording was printed on the front panel, I then cut the panel and the snowflake.  I have lots of snowflakes to use on projects now...will be posting one of them later.  Not sure what I'll do with the rest of them but have stored them for future use. On this image, the ribbon was solid red...I ran out of polka-dot ribbon and did not want to run back to time was getting too scarce by this point.  So...I just used some solid red and added some liquid pearl dots.  Added a rhinestone and then mounted this panel on the red stock and then \mounted to the white stock. I like how it turned out!  Now, to get an idea for next year and at least have the supplies on hand.

And this is just a shot of my old gingerbread ornaments I've had since forever and a day.  Tell me why I can't seem to get my oranges to be orange?  Oranges should be orange...not yellow!!

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  1. I loved the Christmas card. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you on how you made it but was sick all day Christmas and still a little under the weather yesterday then spent half of the day today at the ER with Brent. He's fine just needed an x-ray.
    I like the kraft paper and the font for Merry that you used on your card. I couldn't figure out the rhinestone until I picked the piece of envelope off of it. It's a lovely card and means so much more because of the time you put into it. Thanks a bunch.
    I think your oranges look fine.

  2. I was beginning to worry about you. I knew you said the family wasn't coming for Christmas but hadn't heard anything out of you, so thought maybe your plans had changed. So very sorry to hear you were sick. Hope Brent is ok too. What was his X-ray for?

    Yes, I needed to put a piece of tape on the envelope over the rhinestone or figure out a different way to protect it when I send them through the mail. I'm thinking if I lined my envelopes, they would be more substantial to keep the rhinestone from 'poking' through. But, then it adds to the weight of the card and cost more postage...LOL...I'm retired now, got to think of all those additional cost...LOL.

    The font is Mr. Sheffield. I found it free off a blog but its normally a 45.00 font. I love the M in it. I really like the look of script with a block font. This font was the closest font I could find to the stamped font on Darleen's card. Some times, I think I'd like to buy some stamps and then I remember that most of the time I can come up with the same look on my computer and it doesn't cost me money or space in my craft room. Both are a premium

    I get the Kraft paper from Paper Trey the weight of it for cards. Which reminds me that I need to order more red and more Kraft. I use a lot of red around the holidays.

    Must be my laptop, cause the oranges look more yellow to me.

    I think you would be very good at making cards. I'm just not sure I can make them if I don't have a reason...but I need to get a stash made up so I don't have an excuse for not sending them....

  3. Forgot, I 'was' going to add glitter to the snowflake on the card but couldn't get it to look good so just left it out. I'm thinking I should have tried spraying with adhesive and then adding some really fine glitter like I did the white snowflakes on the tag but its too late now...LOL...I was using glitter glue and a brush but it just looked yucky. It wasn't till I was making the tags that it crossed my mind to try spray adhesive and loose glitter.

  4. I think my problem would be not thinking about making a card until the last minute and then not enough time.
    How many Christmas cards did you send out? Don't know if I would want to make vey many.

  5. I made 42...don't know how I ended up with those extra 2 but I did use them. Most of the time I make 50 to 60 but I cut it down this year cause I didn't have enough time. I really love making them once I have a design in mind and the supplies ready. I usually do it assembly line style. I get all the cutting and printing done and then set my table up in front of the TV and assemble cards to holiday movies. Goes pretty fast. I'm worse at addressing them...hate to do that! And, I can't seem to ever get the dang envelopes to print right in the printer so end up handwriting them. I do scan my signature in and it prints on the inside along with my greeting. So far, no one knows that I didn't hand sign all of them except for Jerri Ann and Kristen and I forgot to leave two of the blank so instead of saying Dad & Mary or Bill & Mom they said Mary & Bill....LOL....they both just think I've lost it...

    I leave to the last minute too...that is why I wrote that I needed to get a bunch done so I wouldn't have an excuse for not having a card ready. Especially sympathy cards...never have them when I need them.

  6. Awesome card, Mary. I'm always flattered silly to receive such a special hand made card. I did it once. Lots of them. But took way too much time and mess for me. So I know it's a sacrifice.

  7. thank you, Lorna....I say every year that I'm not doing it anymore and then I think about how I love to do it and end up making them again. I guess you have to love making lots of the same things..LOL....Once I get in a groove, I can go and go...



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