December 29, 2011

Oreo Balls for Christmas

Made a couple batches of Oreo Balls for Christmas. link
Since I don't like Chocolate Oreo cookies I made a batch of the Golden Oreo cookies too.
Dipped the chocolate ones in milk chocolate and the golden in white. They really are pretty good.
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  1. I haven't made these yet this year but had planned on it next week. The Postmaster at Ridgeway had them the week of Christmas every year that he worked there. He retired last year and I missed them. His wife always made them. Yours are much prettier than mine were...I'm a terrible Chocolate dipper. And my drizzle never clumps...

    Neat shot.

  2. This was the first time making them for me.
    I need to practice my dipping skills. I thought the drizzling was fun,I like to make a mess sometimes. My golden batch turned out better got the balls to roll out smoother.

    I wanted to make gift boxes to hold ½ doz. of these for the sorority girls but was afraid I couldn't get them to turn out nice. Maybe next year if I can remember.
    I'll call a good friend of mine that was an expert candy maker,cake baker and ask for some pointers. She has MS now and is unable to do that kind of work anymore but I know she would be glad to help with some tips.

  3. Oh, I sure hope you pass those tips my way...I need lots of help with chocolate dipping. My chocolate dipped reindeer were pretty ugly but the kids loved them. I used Wilton chocolate and the taste was to die for but I still couldn't make them look good when I was dipping them.

    I guess its been a while since I bought Oreo cookies cause I didn't know they came in golden.



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