December 30, 2011

January Subway Art

January subway art. It's getting harder to come up with words. February shouldn't be to bad but, March I don't know.


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  1. Thank you....Jerri Ann was just asking what I thought January would be. I've still got Dec on the table but the rest of the Christmas deco has been put's just waiting on a new sheet....printing right now.

  2. Need to add.....didn't notice it till it was printing the addition of the snowflakes. I printed it on photo paper and its stunning with the bluish snowflakes in the background.

  3. Hope you find time to copy your mother's recipes, Mary. I copied my grandmother's. For the cover I photocopied a crocheted tablecloth she made...and I now have, that was 18 years ago. Now I found my mother's recipe boxes. A sister will put hers and we 3 sister's together. We're writing notes on them now. Journaling a bit I guess you'd say. Great nieces and nephews marrying now, so it's time to pass the torch.

    I sure do love seeing the wonderful photos and projects you, Mary and Nita, are sharing. You both have such marvelous taste and extraordinary creative talents.

    BYW I copied my DIL's baby blog off into a book. She lost interes in maintaining it, but there was enough to be special to the child someday.

  4. Well, Lorna, the copying of recipes didn't happen...LOL...painted 1/2 of the inside of her house and cleaned a ton. It was a very busy 5 1/2 days but her house looks so much better and smells better too. I'll be going back down there the end of Feb. to paint the three bedrooms and give them a good cleaning. My mother has progressed to the "I don't give a dang" stage in her life so the house was in terrible shape. I hope I never reach that stage as I do love a clean,pretty home. But...I still plan on getting those recipes done some day...

    Thanks for the praise, Lorna...I'm just hoping to be half as creative as Nita is...



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