December 29, 2011

Christmas Lights 2011

Here it home in lights.  This is all the lights, I'm lit down by the road too but I didn't like the way the picture came out with it.  Plus, I have 3 lighted deers in the side yard that you can't see. I had an acquaintance tell me that she was afraid Aliens might land on my yard...I did NOT say she was a friend...LOL..I don't care what she thinks, I liked it and I did get a few compliments on it.  My brother-in-law made the bears for me this year but I haven't figured out yet how to take light shots without blowing the they are that blob of white light that you see on the left side of the photo.  Anyway, you get the idea.


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  1. You put out way more lights than I do.
    Looks good.
    Would love to see a better shot of the bears and love the swag along your fence.

    I (Brent) just put out 2 white light trees and 1 deer in the yard. Then 2 small trees (white lights again) on porch.

  2. You wouldn't think it because of my job all those years, but I really love Christmas and lights have always been my favorite thing to do. Because of where we live, the lights really stand street lights to interfere. My favorite is the swag on the fence...I started doing it last year. I'll get a shot of the bears tomorrow in the daylight and 'see' if I can take a better shot of them after can't see them but I have three trees on the front porch....two with white lights and one with multi. And I still have lights left over in the boxes....ran out of extension cords and Bill's patience....LOL



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