October 21, 2014

My Beautiful Bench

Gavin made this for me in 4-H.....his dad is the shop director, so Gavin has some really good instructions and help.  He brought it down to me for the finish work...neither of them really like the painting end...but I do!  I wish I'd made it a bit darker but it works!  Of course, he got a blue ribbon at the exhibit.

We got the plans from here...Shanty2Chic  I had had it pin for some time and when Gavin said he'd make something for me...I didn't hesitate to pull this one out of the pin files!  I love, love, love it!  The little yellow pillow is one he bought me for Christmas a few years back. Now I need to add something to the wall above it...just not sure what it will be yet...maybe a window with vinyl saying on it.  I'll post when I come up with something!  My plans for the drawer are to store all my 1000's of photo's that I never find time to put in albums...LOL...maybe, just maybe, I'll at least try to organize them before storing...

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  1. Now this is something for you to cherish forever!
    Gavin did a wonderful job on this no wonder he got a blue ribbon.
    Zach is 4 H and Jodi is the wood county extension officer so I hear a lot about 3 H but I've never seen him make anything like this.
    Also love the live laugh love pillow.

  2. Oh, yeah...cherish I will! He helped me paint it....between basketball games and catch and video games....LOL....it also gives us some good one on one time when we paint together. He made his mom a bookcase last year and him and I painted it too. Picked up the pillow at our gift shop in town...need to find something else besides the flower and vase...I just set them there till I find something I like better. I was thinking a chevron pillow to sit beside the yellow one.



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