October 10, 2014

Vinyl Words on Window

Just finished this up....a job for my friends daughter in law.  I like how it turned out...makes me wish I was a farmers wife...LOL...not really!  But, it does make me want to make something similar for me.  I'll have to do some checking to see what quote I might like.  This was a bugger to weed and now I know why they charge so much for pre-cut sayings.

I hope you have a wonderful time at the lake in our beautiful state.  The colors are just starting to turn around here...no red yet, mainly yellow but hopefully its better in the south.

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  1. I commented on this on your facebook post but had better do it again here.
    Nice work Mary.I'm sure your friend and her daughter in law loved it.
    Like the different fonts used and the queen ann's lacy and dandy lions.

  2. Thanks again, Nita...I was a little apprehensive about the Queen Anne's Lace and Dandilion as they were so, so delicate but other than taking forever to 'weed' they cut perfectly! My first really big job of cutting and using vinyl and I really liked it. I did do a sign for a friend having a baby but completely forgot about taking a picture of it. I just used the vinyl to make the words. Her nursery is themed "you are my sunshine' and I made the board out of 1 x 4's and painted the base of it white. The wording was in the 'circle' of the sun and then I hand painted different colored 'rays' off the sun. After I added my vinyl wording, I painted the sun yellow then removed the vinyl letters to reveal the white underneath. Not my best work but she says it looks great on the nursery wall...also made the Grab n Go diaper bags I've made before. Need to get another set made up as my niece is expecting in December.

  3. Vick asked for a quote to put on her living room wall at least a year ago and I have just been putting it off.



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