October 26, 2014

My colorful Wall

Since I mentioned this in my last comment, I decided to take a shot and show you...should have dug out the tripod and made it clearer but I just wanted you to see.  Love these markers!

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  1. Looks good.....Very neat and colorful.
    I would never take a shot of my craft area......LMAO......

  2. I doubt very much if your craft area is not neat as a pin and pretty too....I'm in the process of adding a murphy bed to my craft room/laundry/mud room...I've got a day bed in it now but want another table so I've got a cabinet maker looking into adding me a Murphy Bed with cabinets on each side of it. Hopefully, we get it done after the Christmas holidays!

  3. You really need to believe me about my craft room. It's in a corner of the unfinished basement and nothing has ever been done to it but Brent built be a table for my sewing machines and put pegboard on the wall. Everything is just stuck here and there.



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