October 15, 2014

Trying to play catchup!

I've really gotten a long way behind with my card shares.  This was done clear back in April for Gavin's 13th birthday...I can NOT believe he is 13 and it was a really sad day for me...not only because he is growing up so fast but it was the end of an era...no more birthday parties...he chose to invite just a few friends to go to a huge bounce house and spend the night...this granny felt so down!  LOL....he did invite me to go along but that was the day my little sister almost lost her leg and I spent it at the hospital instead.

Anyway, I got this image from JustInked and colored it with my Spectrum Noirs...I need a lot more practice but thought it really looked like our little man once it was done.  All done on the Silhouette.

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  1. It's sad when they don't need Grammy like they did when they were little but we know they still love us just as we do them.
    Gavin will cherish forever.
    I think you did a wonderful job with your coloring. Did you color the shoes and basketball too?

  2. Grrr.....this makes me SOOOOOO mad....I just spent precious time responding to this comment...hit the publish button and nothing, nada, zip....not one single word that I had just typed!!!

    Now, to remember what I did type! I failed hopelessly on the catching up part...only got one card posted and then I had to get going on the garage project. The 'boys' finally got on same wave length as I was on and got the garage sided to 'mostly' my satisfaction....good thing I was around all day! After some major caulking by me and a great paint job, it looks super nice. I was so glad to be rid of that painted vinyl siding! So on Thurs. night, around 5 pm, I washed out my paint brush for the final time. We began this project on Sept. 19 (well, technically, it began on May 22 after the hail storm..LOL). We 're-framed' the whole front of the garage to strengthen it up for new 10 foot garage doors, installed two of them and a new walk through door and then striped siding and replaced it with James Hardie cement siding, caulked and painted.....whew...what a lot of work! But, it looks super nice now!

    No, I only colored the boy but thanks for the kudos. The basketball and shoes were from Miss Kate Kutables. I just traced them and cut with the cameo. I'm sure he liked it just fine! He is such a caring, sweet boy!

    Did I tell you about my Spectrum Noir markers? I bought the starter kit at a scrapbook convention when I was still working....I went to use them one day and some of them had already dried up. I sent off an email to complain and was hoping for at least a couple bottles of re-placement ink. Let me tell you...this company is AWESOME and went above and beyond! Imagine my surprise when I received a box from them with not one, not two but ALL 72 markers!!! I was in heaven...they had redesigned the barrels so the lids would fit better. Since, I had those replaced, I broke down and purchased the rest of the markers and the holders at their annual birthday sale. My wall looks so pretty and colorful with all the markers lined up by color family....now to use them more often...LOL

    Hopefully, this comment publishes this time! I've got to get my butt in gear and get some Halloween cards made!
    Thanks again!



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