May 30, 2008

Day 103

I love Peonies but every year the same thing happens.....They bloom,it rains,blooms sag to the ground and I cut them off....They do last a long time cut and the smell is wonderful so I still love Peonies.
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  1. I only have a couple Peony bushes. A white one and a red one. I don't like them very close to the house because of the ants. Jerri Ann just bought me the red one for Mother's Day and I just got it planted about a week ago. The white one is just now starting to bloom. I love the pink and white of these.

  2. Forgot to ask...what kind of texture did you use on this image?

  3. I can't remember where I got the texture. I'm looking and as soon as I find it I will let you know.
    If I can't find it I will send you the one I have.



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