May 25, 2008

Day 98

A quick shot of under the tree out back. Wish you could see it better the Foam flower, Forget Me knots and White violets are blooming now. I'll try taking a few close up tomorrow.
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  1. This looks so relaxing! I love shade gardens. I've got this idea in my head to make a shade garden behind the garage. Kind of like a secret garden. I'm going to plant some Cyprus trees on the west side to block the sun and then just plant lots of shade plants with little paths going though it. Not this year, but maybe next Spring. I am thinking of getting the Cyprus trees this Spring and planting them. They will be behind the Forcythia and the flagpole as a backdrop for it. A way to cut some of my mowing down...I usually mow behind the garage cause you can see it from the front yard but if I get the trees up, you won't be able to see it and Bill can take over the mowing of it until I get the garden done.



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