May 21, 2008

Day 94

I thought today was going to be nice but I had to hold the umbrella while I was taking this shot.
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  1. Beautiful rose. Mine isn't even got any buds on it yet. Course, I'm not real good at roses and only have the one bush and it didn't do good last year and I forgot to prune it back and cover the base with dirt this year. Oh, well, if God wants me to have roses, he'll have to attend to them. Oh, and no, I don't cut my tulips either...just plant stuff around them to cover up the droopy leaves. I even cut the flower stems like they say to do as soon as the flower is gone. I think the squirrels and such get the bulbs.

  2. I only have on stem that is this rose,the rest of the bush has turned back into the old fashion red rose. So I don't do to good with them either.



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