May 26, 2008

Day 99

Got this small herb bed cleaned out. I feel like I so far behind this year,but I'm almost done with cleaning and planting.
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  1. What all do you grow in the herb border? Do you use the herbs to cook with? I don't do anything vegetable wise but may start if and when I get to retire. Just a small garden, nothing big, a few tomatoes, onions and maybe a few green beans.

  2. I don't have as much planted here now as I used to. I had several kind of mint planted but it likes to take over the world (even when plated in pots under the ground)so I pulled it all up. The herbs I have planted here are oregano,chives,garlic chives and sage. I also have a small white rose and a clematis. I have rosemary and basil planted in another bed. Do I cook with them....Not as much as I should.



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