May 17, 2008

Day 91

It's planting time this time of year. I've got my baskets done on the front porch; just planted Geraniums this year. Since we cut the big tree down, the porch gets too much HOT afternoon sun. You will not believe this! I'm planting lots of reds and yellows this year! Why? I have no idea! I usually plant pinks and blues cause I like the cooler colors but this year, I'm more into dark, intense. Who would know!
I'm trying the red Mandevilla AGAIN. I'm giving them one more chance to perform. I think I was over-watering them last year. Time will tell.
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  1. I haven't start any of that yet and it's to cold here today to get out and do much. Sure hope next week is better. It is going to take me forever to get caught up on my posts. Would love to see some full shots of your planted pots.

  2. I'll share the shots as I get them done. The pots on the front porch are only deep red geraniums. Nothing else except for a couple ferns and a yellow begonia. I couldn't find the pretty salmon colored one I had last year. I did get the planter box done that climbs the old windows. I'll take a photo of it tomorrow if the wind dies down. It's blowing hard right today but it was in the upper 70's. Nice and no humidity.



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