May 7, 2009

Life is a Journey

I was sitting here this morning and decided it was time to document this time in my life. I had done a tutorial by Jessica Sprague on using grunge frames and decided to use it for my layout.
The kit is one of my favorites by Meryl Bartho called As Time Goes By. The wordart is by Cottage Arts called Destination. The notecard is by Scrappers Guide from a kit called Travel. The ink spot is by Gina Cabrera from the Book Bag and the inked edge is by Alica Hansen.
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  1. Good looking layout,cup and cupcake and no it doesn't seem like 7 weeks has passed already.

  2. What! No comment on the cup of coffee? LOL....I've gone back to enjoying a cup ever now and then. Didn't seem to help my hot flashes when I wasn't drinking it but it helps my constitution when I do! I decided to chose the lesser of two evils and indulge in a cup, especially on weekends or when my body needs assistance...

  3. How is this? A bit easier to using the full page window or the pop up.

  4. Ok, now I've set it to alert you to a comment too. I did this for me on the last comment and got an email stating that a comment had been made. You should get an email from this comment.

  5. I like the alert and open to everyone but I don't think I like all the comments showing this way. It moves the layouts down to fast but maybe it doesn't show like this all the time...need to back out and check it again.

  6. Ok, it doesn't so forget my above post.

    I commented on your cup but I couldn't see what was in it. It might have been hot water.....LOL



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