May 2, 2009

Post 292

Took this shot this afternoon of the bench and the wild geraniums out back. They are so pretty this time of the year.
Background from Taylor made. Word art, note lines (color change) and ink spots from Paislee Press. The flower is a make a flower stamp from Designer Digital. I did a words overlay and erased it from the flower and then used my favorite messy brush to erase a little more.
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  1. Looks super nice...I love that flower and the word art. The photo looks like it is matted in the background. My geraniums aren't quite in bloom yet. Maybe the middle of the week. Somehow I missed the crabapple that is always so pretty in the Spring. I saw the pale pink one and got pics of it but I guess the dark pink one was during the rain and I missed it.

  2. I like that gray background. I did a sort of inner shadow on the picture.
    I'm not any good at word art myself and I think it add so much to the layout. I'm glad other people do it so I can use what they come up with.
    The flower was one of those purchases that I had to have and then never used until now. The flower might be a little to big can't make up my mind.

  3. I don't think its too big at all. I love how it looks like its shading the bench. I'll have to give that inner shadow a try, I like the way it looks.



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