May 26, 2009

Post 295

A few shots that I got of the kids having fun yesterday (Memorial Day) at the wiener roast at my brothers. We had a good time and the kids had a blast playing in the creek.

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  1. this is adorable! The kids look like they are having so much fun and it looks like you had great weather for it. It was cloudy and cool here on Memorial Day. Bill had to work and I washed windows. Nice holiday, huh? The only thing I can see wrong is the tape....I love the tape look but it looks funny over a shadow.

  2. We did get rain but not until about 7:00.
    Thanks for pointing out the tape to me. I put the one on the left side on and moved it around so it wouldn't be over a shadow and then didn't pay any attention or even think about it when I stuck the pieces on the right side.



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