May 29, 2009


This is a class from DDE by Cassie Jones on Creating Brushes from paper. It was fun and very easy to follow. I learned a lot about brushes. The photo was one I took a few weeks ago when the Rhododendron was in bloom. Everything is from the class except the word art and I made it myself, because the ones that came with the class didn't work with the photo. Now all I need to do is remember everything I learned and use again. I can see myself making a lot of brushes this way.
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  1. This is a really beautiful layout. I love your color combination and those brushes are gorgeous. I'll have to try and find the time to take the lesson. I need all the help I can get with brushes. They still elude me! I've been busy as a beaver outside and not on here much lately. I couldn't sleep this morning, so was up at 4:30. Going to read mail and drink coffee. We spent all afternoon yesterday on the four-wheeler and I had a blast...really needed the day of relaxation and fresh air. It was so beautiful here yesterday...85 degrees and no humidity...lovely!

  2. This was what I spent a rainy afternoon doing.
    It was a fun lesson and I did learn some things about the preset manager that I didn't know.
    Glad you like.



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