May 22, 2009

Post 294

One of my neighbors gave me a start of this beautiful Peony last year and here is the first bloom for this year in my yard. Love the color and the amount of petals on it. The flowers on my other one are so heavy they look terrible after a rain and I always cut them off.
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  1. Oh wow! That is really pretty. I only have a couple is the old white and the blooms are always too heavy. I have put a cage around it and that helps but didn't get out there this Spring to get it done, so the blooms are sagging bad. Gavin bought me a red one last year for Mother's Day but it doesn't have any bloom yet. Great image.

  2. Can you see the water drop that is about ½ way above the center on the top right petal? Not sure what it's from,it hadn't been raining.

  3. Hummmm...bee pee? I had to blow it way up to see it...if you hadn't said what it was, I would have thought it was just a curl in the edge of the leaf.



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