September 1, 2009

2009 White Coneflower & PeeGee Hydrangea

One of my newest coneflowers. I planted it in front of the Peegee Hydrangea and like the contrast in shape. I should have used the tripod but was too lazy to go back in the house...LOL..

The little bug is by Connie Crook.
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  1. I like the white coneflower. Nice shot I like it a lot. Did you just take this shot,do they still look this nice? My pink one are all going to seed and are almost black now. The finch like the seeds so much I haven't cut them down yet. Hate to see the flowers go but I love to see the colors of fall.

  2. Yes, it was taken about a week ago...I still have some coneflowers. Some have died and I've cut them back but some are still blooming. The PeeGee is turning pink instead of white. I need to get a shot of it at this stage. Kind of different. The heavy rains are hard on the PeeGee. It and the heavy blooms have the bush smashed down toward the ground.

  3. Is the PeeGee a kind of Hydrangea? I like the shape of the blooms on them.

  4. Yes, it is a hydrangea. It grows pretty well in the sun where most Hydrangea's require more shade. I'll try and get a shot of them in the morning while they are in the pink stage.



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